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Map Shows 'Harsh Realities' of Taco Geography in Texas

One Texas man has created a humorous new map that shows the "harsh realities" of Tacos in each region of the Lone Star State.

"Extensive research was put into this," John D. Garcia, the map's creator, wrote on Facebook.

You'll notice Garcia outlined some places in Texas where you're "S.O.L." if you want good tacos. There's a "dead zone" in the southwest, a section in the Panhandle where "you're screwed," and a stretch out in East Texas where nobody cares. Everywhere else has its own distinct qualities that you may or may not agree with.

What do you think? Do you agree with Garcia's humorous infographic? Have any amendments you would make to the map?

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Map Shows 'Harsh Realities' of Taco Geography in Texas