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Texan Spots a Faux Buc-ee's in the Middle East

Every former Texan or past visitor of the Lone Star State probably wishes they had a Buc-ee's near them. There's just so much to love about the ultimate road trip rest stop emporium: The sparkling clean bathrooms. The hilarious billboards. The walls and walls of snacks. The photo opportunities. One man even drove hundreds of miles for the ultimate Buc-ee's experience.

Thankfully, the Texas favorite recently expanded to Alabama, giving more Americans the chance to experience Buc-ee the Beaver's domain. But, as far as we know, Buc-ee's hasn't opened any travel stations outside of the country. That's why it was a little puzzling when a Texan traveling in the Middle East spotted a Buc-ee's sign in Amman, Jordan.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Maurice Chammah, a writer for The Marshall Project, spotted a very familiar sign in Jordan.

"Fellow Texans: I was driving on a highway north of Amman, Jordan, and found a...Buc-ee's. Or at least, a place claiming to be Buc-ee's. I have so many questions," Chammah wrote.

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Chammah also noted that Emily Chammah, who snapped the photo of the faux Buc-ee's, translated the words on the sign as "market, coffee and snacks." "Moajabat" means hand pies, which honestly sounds like it could be served at the original Buc-ee's.

There's no word on whether the Jordan store sells Beaver Nuggets or boasts pristine bathrooms, but according to an official from Buc-ee's, the location is (as expected) a copycat.

"Buc-ee's recently became aware of the copycat location in Jordan which is completely unrelated to our company and we are evaluating all of our options," Buc-ee's spokesman Jeff Nadalo told Click 2 Houston.

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