Texas Prom Bucees
Facebook/ Debbie Cormack Kallina

In True Texas Fashion, These Teens Took Their Prom Photos at Buc-ee's

An unbelievably giant gas station and convenience store with roughly a million pounds of smoked meats for sale on the side of the highway? It's a Texas thang. Buc-ee's is a Texas treasure and some awesome kids from Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas decided to memorialize one of the biggest days of their lives by taking their prom pictures at the Buc-ee's in Katy (just outside of Houston), like true Texans.

The Katy teens took their prom photos all over the Katy Buc-ee's, posing in front of the incredible beef jerky wall, by the soda fountains, and, of course, with the Bucky the Beaver statue. What's a trip to the iconic service station without paying homage to Bucky himself?

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The pictures, like so many others this and every prom season, were posted to social media by proud parent Debbie Cormack Kallina. To be fair though, these prom pics are awesome. And, really, is there a better place to take authentic Texan prom photos than Buc-ees? Maybe at a rodeo, or a field of bluebonnets or on the star in the middle of the field where the Dallas Cowboys play, but that's about it. I really hope they took advantage of their surroundings and grabbed some of the many delicious snacks at their fingertips for the road. Beaver Nuggets, anyone?

Considering all the candy, snack, lunch, and 32 oz. soda runs these kids probably took to Buc'ees over the last few years, the fact that they're capping off their childhood in Katy by paying tribute to their beloved hangout and provider of sugar is as fitting as it is wholesome. Nicely done ladies (and parents). This may be the sort of thing only Texans understand (sorry California) but that's what makes it so special. Here's to the Lone Star State. And Buc-ee's. 

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