Buc-ee's Has Been Named the Best Road Stop in America

Texans are well aware of the treasure that is Buc-ee's. Now, it's garnering some national attention. Bon Appetite has named Buc-ee's the Best Rest Stop in America. With 37 locations dotting Texas highways, it's a somewhat of an institution in the state.

Buc-ee's is known for their clean bathrooms, speedy and friendly service, tons of Texas-themed gear and a vast array of surprisingly good food. Gas stations and rest stops aren't exactly what you think of when you imagine delicious food, but Buc-ee's is different.

"Rest stops are the last place you would want to stop to get something nice to eat. You go into survival mode," co-founder Arch "Beaver" Aplin III tells Bon Appetit. "So when you stop at Buc-ee's and get an amazing chopped beef sandwich or garlic jerky, it's a surprise that it's of the highest quality."

Some of Buc-ee's food staples include their signature Beaver Nuggets (caramel corn), sweet pastries, fudge and lots of Tex-Mex. Aplin points out that it's not a restaurant, but he wants to make sure people can get quality food that's easy to eat on the road.

Buc-ee's will soon be branching outside of Texas! A location will be opening in Louisiana in 2017.

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Buc-ee's Has Been Named the Best Road Stop in America