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12 Best Breakfasts in Texas You’ve Got to Try or Recreate at Home

Whether it's covered in creamy gravy goodness, a Mexican-inspired feast, or fresh-baked Czech kolaches, Texas food is always a melting pot of delicious dishes. With serving sizes that satiate the most ravenous of appetites, when we think breakfast and brunch we think Texas. So pack up the car, because these breakfasts are worth a road trip. Here are our picks for the best breakfasts in Texas.

From Fort Worth to Austin, we explored the best Tex-Mex breakfast plates the Lone State has to offer. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make sure it is super delicious. Skip the snooze button, these hotspot eateries deserve your full attention.

1. Machacado and Eggs Plate at Pete's Tako House, San Antonio

This Northern Mexican dish combines shredded, dried beef, fluffy scrambled eggs, and fresh pico de gallo. I added cheese because pretty much everything is better with cheddar cheese.

They make both their tortillas and tortilla chips in house, and their refried beans are the best I've had outside of Mexico. You can tell this breakfast spot uses lard and that's a good thing.

2. Kolaches at Weikel's Bakery, La Grange

Located on Highway 71, this place is a must-stop if you're making the drive between Houston and Austin.

They have a variety of flavors ranging from the traditional (poppy seed) to the more modern flavors of pineapple and chocolate. My favorite is the slightly sweet, slightly tangy, cream cheese kolaches served at this Texan bistro.

3. Breakfast Tacos at Taqueria Almeida #1, Corpus Christi

They make their own tortillas and that alone elevates their tacos to a heavenly status. My go-to fillings for breakfast tacos are bean and cheese, and chorizo, egg, and cheese, but you really can't go wrong with any of their taco fillings.

The salsa is the perfect blend of spice and flavor, but be sure to ask for extra.

4. Biscuits and Gravy at Abi-Haus, Abilene

Toasted buttermilk biscuits covered in a peppery cream gravy studded with crisp bacon is a meal you never forget, and once you try Abi-Haus' version, there's no going back.

This classic take on a Texas specialty will quickly become one of your favorites. Try it with sunny-side-up fried eggs.

5. Country Fried Steak and Eggs at Cast Iron Grill, Lubbock

This dish is about as Texas as you can get. Steak fried up like chicken and covered in a cream-based gravy, this dish will start your day off hearty with two eggs and some of the best shoestring hash browns around.

Be sure to bring an appetite as big as the Lone Star State.

6. Fried Chicken and Waffle at Jonathan's Oak Cliff, Dallas

Crispy fried chicken, sweet Belgian waffle, smothered in Chef Jon's signature peppered cream gravy. Take this palette-pleasing combination of sweet and savory that much further by adding maple syrup.

Come see why this is considered the best chicken and waffle dish in Texas.

7. Donut Holes at Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock

These melt-in-your-mouth morsels are the perfect bite of donut. If you're wondering about their orange hue, the eggs that they use are so fresh that their bright orange yolks give the donuts an orange glow.

8. Elvis Pancakes at Kerbey Lane Café, Austin

These pancakes are a specialty item so call ahead and see if they're serving them. Sweet, salty, peanut-buttery, I cover mine in butter and syrup, and let the decadence commence. The peanut butter sauce is what makes these truly special, in combination with the salty bacon and the sweet bananas, I can see why Elvis was such a fan of this combination.

Hey Kerbey Lane, can these pancakes be on the menu every day?

9. Crab Cake and Eggs at The Sunflower Bakery and Café, Galveston

This dish combines two of the best things in the world: crab cakes and Eggs Benedict. Crunchy crabby goodness combined with decadent hollandaise sauce, this is the perfect way to start your day on the Gulf Coast.

10. Chilaquiles Plate at Good Luck Café, El Paso

Crispy tortillas just softened through the middle with red or green salsa, topped with an egg, and served with rice and beans; this spicy breakfast is the perfect way to wake up your taste buds in the morning.

11. Lox Platter at Baby Barnaby's Café, Houston

The smoky salmon, the salty pops of capers, the bite of red onion, and the toasted bagel with cream cheese, this is a good way to start any day.

Baby Barnaby's keeps it simple, fresh, and classic, which balances each flavor in a perfect harmony. It's music to my mouth.

12. Ken's Special at Buns N' Roses, Marfa

The pun in the name doesn't lie, this eclectic joint is both a bakery and a flower shop. Located in a metal building, they aim to keep the food simple and delicious.

Ken's Special is composed of cheesy grits, eggs your way, crisp bacon, and a choice of beer bread or wheat bread. Choose the beer bread, they toast it up with butter. You'll want to eat a whole loaf.

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