Blake Shelton Will Return To 'The Voice' For Season 25 Finale
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Blake Shelton Will Return To 'The Voice' For Season 25 Finale

This is not a drill! Blake Shelton is returning to The Voice in news that will have fans excited. The singer will be making a guest appearance for the Season 25 finale.

It makes perfect sense too. The show will be celebrating 25 seasons, and it's doing so in style. The Voice is bringing back several of its past coaches, Shelton included. Other coaches coming back include Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Niall Horan, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson. It will be nice to see Levine and Shelton share the screen again as their bro-ship defined many seasons of the show.

NBC  also isn't revealing exactly what capacity Shelton and the other coaches are returning in. They say it's a surprise. Shelton has certainly been vocal about not returning to the show, so this is a pleasant surprise. "I did 23 seasons of the show and I enjoyed it," Shelton told ET, "and by the time I got to that last season, it was time." He said he experienced everything the show had to offer. He said, "I've seen every reincarnation of the show that we could come up with to try to keep it exciting."

Blake Shelton On Leaving 'The Voice'

Previously, Shelton shocked fans when he announced he was leaving the show. "I've been wrestling with this for a while, and I've decided that it's time for me to step away from The Voice after Season 23," Shelton said. "This show has changed my life in every way for the better, and it will always feel like home to me. It's been a hell of a ride over these 12 years of chair turns, and I want to thank everyone at The Voice from NBC, every producer, the writers, musicians, crew and catering people; you are the best."

While he may only be back as a guest spot, Shelton has expressed interest in doing a one-off season with the original coaches. "If they were ever able to put together the original four coaches again, maybe [I'd return] for one season, a one-off," he told ET. "That would be fun for me... That would be something I would be interested in doing."

Otherwise, he said he's a bit burnout still.

"I totally needed a break from that, because if I wasn't into it then it wasn't good for whoever was on my team. I don't want to be someone who's just going through the motions. Those artists need somebody fighting for them," he said. "The second I started feeling like, 'Oh my gosh, I don't even remember what season this is anymore. Who are the coaches on this season?' [I knew that] I needed [to get] away from here."