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Blake Shelton Takes Fans Along as He Gets Ready to Plant Corn: 'We're Farmin'!'

When Blake Shelton isn't touring or working his gig as a coach on The Voice, you can bet he's doing some work on his Oklahoma ranch. Shelton has taken fans along for the ride on his tractor a few times throughout the past year, and in his latest clip, he saddles back up on the tractor to prepare for corn season.

In the video shared to his Instagram page, Shelton holds the camera steady while riding his tractor.

"It's early April, there is absolutely no frost in the forecast," he declares in the clip. "That means it's corn time, baby!"

He turns the camera to the back of the tractor to show the corn seeds he intends to plant, and then he shows fans the road he's taking to get to the fields.

"We're farmin'!" he yells, before closing the video.

All the while, his song "Corn" from his 2021 Body Language album plays in the background.

NBC's The Voice is taking a break from the air this week, which clearly gave Shelton enough time to head home and ready his cornfield. The show will return on Monday, April 17.

Fans will undoubtedly see more farming content from Shelton once he retires from his 12-year tenure on the show. The show's current season will be Shelton's last as a coach, and he says he looks forward to spending time at home with wife Gwen Stefani and her children after his departure.

"I mean, [Gwen and I have] both pretty much taken it to the limit as far as our careers go and touring and now the television thing," he told Hoda Kotb on Today. "It's been fortunate to accomplish a lot of things. But, hopefully, at some point, we get a chance to live some life."

Shelton will also be performing at various festivals throughout the summer.

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