Blake Shelton Takes a Lie Detector Test on 'The Voice'


Blake Shelton's been known to stretch the truth once or twice on The Voice in the name of humor, but on Tuesday night's episode, those fibs finally caught up with him.

While the coaches were getting to know contestant Chloe Abbott, who sang the Bee Gee's "How Deep is Your Love" during her blind audition, she mentioned that she is currently training for the Olympic trials in track and field. Shelton, who is always ready with a humorous remark, commented that he, too, is training for the Olympic trials in curling. This elicited inquisitive looks from his fellow judges and from Abbott, and Kelly Clarkson announced that she had reached her limit with Blake's dishonesty.

"Is anybody else just sick of Blake lying?" Clarkson asked. "A lot of lies come from Blake."

After Clarkson called out Shelton, the show's host Carson Daly helped Shelton get his reckoning. He came from backstage with a lie detector test and quickly hooked Shelton up to the machine in order to get to the bottom of his untruths.


Clarkson, of course, led the lie detector test, beginning with a few baseline questions, asking Shelton his name. The singer couldn't even pass one of the baseline questions, in which Clarkson asked if he had blocked her in the competition, and he denied doing it. Every time Shelton answered a question, the screen and arena either lit up in green, to signify that he was telling the truth, or red, to show that he was lying.

Clarkson then asked Shelton, "Am I truly your favorite coach?," to which he answered, "Absolutely, yes." That answer registered as another lie.

"I'm telling you, this thing doesn't work!" Shelton said, as the audience gasped.


"I'm only giving you that because of your wife. And, obviously, your son," Clarkson said, gesturing to coach Niall Horan.

Daly then came in with a zinger of a question, asking "Did Gwen marry you out of sheer pity?"

For once, Shelton told the truth when answering this question.

"Probably, yes," he said.


After their lie detector hijinks, the coaches returned to Abbott's audition and Chance the Rapper welcomed her to his team.

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