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Kelly Clarkson Shares Her Funniest Friendship Moments With Blake Shelton For His Final Season of 'The Voice'


Blake Shelton will make his departure from The Voice after 23 seasons following the show's current season on NBC, and the singer's friend and fellow coach Kelly Clarkson is bidding him farewell with a compilation video featuring their funniest friendship moments.

The video is comprised of clips from Shelton's many guest appearances on Clarkson's talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and it features everything from funny interviews, to chaotic games and more. The video starts off with an example of Shelton and Clarkson's classic banter. In an interview from fall 2022, Clarkson, who took a leave from The Voice, asked how things are going on the show, and Shelton responded with a fiery comeback.

"There is one person we found two can talk as much as you, and that's Camila," Shelton says, referencing then-coach Camila Cabello. "Although, unlike you, when she talks she makes sense."

In one clip, Shelton and Clarkson get in a lighthearted argument over a game, and in another, the two take shots of vodka together.


"I can't believe you did a shot of vodka. I can already tell you're starting to act weird," Shelton said after they drank the shot.

The rest of the video includes a wine tasting and other hilarious moments, including other guests chatting about Shelton. In one clip, Little Big Town recounts a time that Shelton got the band's Karen Fairchild drunk, and in another, current coach Niall Horan does an impression of this fellow coach.

The video ends with a clip of longtime friends Shelton and Clarkson sharing a hug.


The competition between the coaches is set to be tight this year, and Clarkson recently shared that she won't be taking it easy on Shelton simply because it's his last season.

"I won last time, I'm wanting to win again. I know it's the cowboy's last season, but I'm not going easy on you," she told Shelton in a pre-season promo.

Season 23 of The Voice premiered on Monday, March 6, and will air Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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