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'The Voice': Blake Shelton Gifts His Team Members With a Hilarious T-Shirt


The coaches on The Voice offer the singers on their team much more than just their expertise. When a singer chooses a team, each coach has a special gift they hand out to their team members. Kelly Clarkson is well-known for her red "Team Kelly" jacket, which she enthusiastically hands off to singers who choose her, but Blake Shelton has a special T-shirt for his team in honor of his last season.

The coaches showed off the clothing items they've created specially for their singers in a recent video shared by the show. Of course, Shelton includes his dose of humor in everything he does, and his T-shirt is no different. The front of the shirt reads, "I'm on Blake's LAST team...," which would be good enough for some. But the punchline is on the back: "...and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

"You're welcome, America," Shelton said, when showing off his team T-shirt.


Niall Horan opted for team wear that goes along with the merchandise he sells to fans. The back of the sweatshirt features a large logo of a smiley face surrounded by multicolor hearts. Horan's original version of the sweatshirt featured the words "Hello Lovers" around the logo, but the version for The Voice says, "Team Niall, The Voice."

"Colorful hoodie for yourself to take home," he says. "It's a good one."

Chance the Rapper took a different route for his team merchandise, and instead of creating a sweatshirt or jacket, he made another version of the hat he wears during the show. The New Era cap features a red "3" on the front and then "The Voice" embroidered on the side, also in red. It matches his hat, which features a white "3" on the front.

"You have to be a winner to even hang around me, so the people that are on my team are natural born winners," Chance says.


Of course, Clarkson had to show off her team jacket in the clip as well, which is a shiny red material with the words "Team Kelly" on the back.

"Team Kelly, the team to beat," said Clarkson when showcasing her jacket.

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