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Blake Shelton Reflects on Friendship With 'Grumpy Old Man' Carson Daly


Throughout their 12 years on The Voice together, coach Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly have become good friends. The two launched their own TV show called Barmageddon this past fall, and Daly even officiated Shelton's July 2021 wedding. Based on their fun-loving personalities, it's no surprise that Shelton and Daly like to poke fun at one another, and they're certainly not afraid to show their true colors.

In a recent interview with People, Shelton gave insight into his friendship with Daly, calling his Voice co-star a "grumpy old man."

"He truly is the grumpiest man on the planet, and I'd say that if he were sitting right here next to me," the singer says.

Shelton is only about three years Daly's junior, but he doubles down on Daly's alleged "old man" behavior.


"He is just one of those guys where he's got a backache, or he's mad I'm taking too long," he says. "He's just always chewing my ass out about something."

"It rolls off my back and he's OK with me making fun of him," he adds.

The singer also adds that Daly would "probably" say the same thing about him if given the chance.

Although the two tend to jokingly trade jabs, there is love between them, as Shelton says Daly is "the glue of The Voice."  The men also have a solid working relationship, and they wrapped up the first successful season of Barmageddon on USA on Jan. 23 with a fun-filled season finale. The show, which is hosted alongside Nikki Bella, features celebrities engaging in hilarious bar games, and Shelton says the inspiration for the series came about when he and Daly were drinking and watching TV.


"I remember one day Carson and I were drinking and there was that show on called Holy Moley," says Shelton. "I said, 'Man, look at that. That show would be so much better if they were drinking and then trying to play putt putt. I thought it'd be funny if they could cuss each other and talk some crap, you know? And Barmageddon was actually born out of that conversation."

Shelton and Daly will star on one final season of The Voice together this spring before the singer exits the show. Season 23 of the singing competition show premieres on NBC on Monday, March 6.

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