Blake Shelton teaches Jimmy Fallon a line dancing step during a September 2022 appearance on 'The Tonight Show.'
Screengrab via YouTube

Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Line Dance During Hilarious 'Tonight Show' Appearance

During a September 2022 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton's delightfully absurd interactions with the host brought viewers everything from impromptu line dancing to a pop-country parody song.

Shelton appeared four times in the same episode while promoting his Land's End line of men's clothing. Among those segments was an off-the-rails interview during which Fallon asked for the skinny on the country star's revisiting of '90s sounds and hairdos.

That chat devolved into an impromptu line dancing lesson during which Shelton coached someone other than a member of Team Blake.

Shelton also spoke about Gwen Stefani's return to The Voice.

"She's not that competitive," Shelton said. "If she was sitting here right now, she would tell you she's not that competitive. But she loves to see these people that she works with on her team to do well and win, hopefully. She did win the show once, I think the last season she was on."

In the usual spirit of Shelton teasing his The Voice co-stars, he joked about the newest coach, Camila Cabello.

"She's got a lot to say, that girl," Shelton explained. "She talks a lot. Kelly's not on this season, but she makes up for it."

In another light-hearted moment, Shelton and fellow guest Gigi Hadid plotted creative —to put it nicely— ways to draw Pictionary hints for teammates Fallon and Stefani, respectively.

Additionally, Shelton performed current single "No Body" as well as "I'll Bring the Ice." The latter's a guest-and-host duet that plays off the chemistry of Fallon as a jokester and Shelton as his straight man. It's a good-natured lampoon of throwback party songs, in the same vein as Tim McGraw's "Down on the Farm." It's about Fallon being so fixated on bringing ice for the cooler that he forgets an important piece of the rural field party equation.

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