Blake Shelton Crashes Dan + Shay's Performance, Jokes He's Glad They Got One 'The Voice' Coach Fired
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Warner Music

Blake Shelton Crashes Dan + Shay's Performance, Jokes He's Glad They Got One 'The Voice' Coach Fired

Blake Shelton may not be returning to The Voice anytime soon, but that doesn't mean The Voice can't come to him. Dan + Shay held The Voice takeover at Shelton's Ole Red bar. If you think Shelton wasn't going to make an appearance of some sort, then you're mistaken.

While Shelton couldn't be there in person, he crashed their performance via a video call. Appearing on screen for both the musicians and fans, he joked about being off in the wilderness somewhere. While the musicians tried to get free beer for the crowd, Shelton wasn't going to have that, quickly changing the subject.

He also had plenty of jokes about the musicians' double chair, a first for The Voice. Shelton joked that he had a pretty big luxury chair by the end of his stay on the show. He questioned if the show just repurposed his chair, saying he had "a double-wide chair."

"That's what I always said. They put a little divider in the middle so we can both sit in there. It's crazy," Shay Mooney said in response.

Blake Shelton Jokes That One 'The Voice' Coach Got Fired

Shelton also praised the duo for kicking Niall Horan off the show, playing up the rivalry that Shelton has with the musician. Horan didn't return for Season 25 of the show, focusing on the music. Shelton told Dan + Shay that he's "happy you got him fired. I mean, if anybody can get him fired, it's you guys and screw him. He's from Ireland or wherever the hell he's from. Get him out of here."

"We want good, hardworking Arkansas people taking over The Voice," he continued in reference to Shay's hometown.

For fans of The Voice, this may be the closest you see to having Shelton return. John Legend recently cast doubt that Shelton would ever return to the competition show. Previously in an interview, Shelton opened up about his decision to step away.

I think being a stepdad has changed my perspective in that I'm not the first person that I think about anymore," he told Access Hollywood in January 2023. "Even to the small little things when you go, 'I think I'll do this,' the very next thought is always, 'Well, wait a minute. How's that going work?' Or, 'What will they think?' Or, 'How will that affect a schedule?'"

"I think the only way for me to really do that right is to step away from being committed to something like The Voice that demands a lot of your time," he continued. "There's no way around it. If you're going to do it and do it right, you have to be 150 percent in. And I just feel like those days are behind me for now. I got a more important job."