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Blake Shelton Says He and Adam Levine Originally Thought 'The Voice' Was 'Pretty Ridiculous'

During a recent interview with Popsugar, Blake Shelton admitted to initially finding the concept of NBC's The Voice "pretty ridiculous."

"I can't speak for anybody else — well, I'll speak for [Adam Levine] — we both kinda thought the show was pretty ridiculous," he said. "You know, here's these red chairs that look like something from Star Trek and our back is to the artist and you hit this button and it just felt very game showy to us. But at the same time, I think both of us needed a job. So it was like, 'Hell yeah, Christina Aguilera is doing it, I'll do it.'"

Shelton believes that his cynicism about the show fed the humor that's always been part of its appeal, from the country music star's jokes with his Maroon 5 frontman buddy to his current rapport with Kelly Clarkson.

"That's where all the joking kinda started from and jabbing each other and making fun of each other. That's kinda how that ball got rolling," he said. "I don't know that the show was ever meant to be as funny as it is. Then you add CeeLo [Green] into the mix, who is just the funniest guy in the world anyway to be around, it was just this thing that happened."

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Shelton's met a lot of friends on the show, and the series positioned him to become involved with someone even more special. Were it not for The Voice, Ellen DeGeneres (maid of honor) and Miley Cyrus (wedding singer) might not be part of Shelton and former judge Gwen Stefani's upcoming exchange of nuptials.

"When this show ends someday or they fire me or whatever happens, I'll look back at that always and go, 'My god, I sat in a chair next to Snoop Dogg.' Who would have ever thought that I would get to do something like that? Those are cool moments for me and I've got a long list of them. To your point, I've been here for 20 seasons. I don't know how the show has evolved, I just know it's been awesome to be a part of it."

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