Map Shows The Cheapest State To Grab a Big Mac

When you're on vacation and pull up to a McDonald's, you see 4 hamburgers, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and that all time favorite Big Mac sauce all stuffed between 3 toasted hamburger buns. That's what you want, and it's what you always order. You pull out your normal amount of cash but then see the price is $1.40 more than it normally is. Why is that? Almost every state will have a different price than the next state over and that's because of suppliers, taxes, and location. Let's find out the Big Mac cost by state, so you'll always have the right amount of cash.

How Popular Is McDonald's?

McDonald's is a very popular restaurant around the world, and the restaurant is in all 50 states, with over 13,000 restaurants total. The 10 most popular items at McDonald's are French Fries, Big Mac, Snack Wrap, Happy Meal, Egg McMuffin, Apple pie, Chicken Nuggets, Salad, double cheeseburger, and finally McGriddles. Can you say yummy?

Now in the small Kentucky town where I live, I wouldn't dare think our McDonald's prices would be the same as New York (because it's a bigger location with a bigger population). But just how much of a difference is there? Turns out, a pretty big one.

Most Expensive Big Mac Cost by State


Hawaii is the number one location with the highest Big Mac costing a whopping $5.31 and that's just for the sandwich, and that doesn't include the French Fries or drink. Can you say "Happy Meal"?

Hawaii- $5.31
New York- $5.23
New Jersey- $5.19
California- $5.11
Maryland- $5.03

Least Expensive Big Mac Cost by State

Mississippi- $3.91
Arkansas- $3.95
Alabama- $3.99
Missouri- $3.99
South Dakota-$3.99

Big Mac Prices In Each State

Alabama- $3.99
Alaska- $4.87
Arizona- $4.43
Arkansas- $3.95
California- $5.11
Colorado- $4.59
Connecticut- $4.95
Delaware- $4.63
Florida- $4.47
Georgia- $4.15
Hawaii- $5.31
Idaho- $4.23
Illinois- $4.55
Indiana- $4.11
Iowa- $4.07
Kansas- $4.07
Kentucky- $4.03
Louisiana- $4.15
Maine- $4.47
Maryland- $5.03
Massachusetts- $4.87
Michigan- $4.27
Minnesota- $4.43
Mississippi- $3.91
Missouri- $3.99
Montana- $4.27
Nebraska- $4.07
Nevada- $4.43
New Hampshire- $4.83
New Jersey- $5.19
New Mexico- $4.31
New York- $5.23
North Carolina- $4.15
North Dakota- $ 4.11
Ohio- $4.03
Oklahoma- $4.07
Oregon- $4.47
Pennsylvania- $4.47
Rhode Island- $4.47
South Carolina- $4.11
South Dakota- $3.99
Tennessee- $4.11
Utah- $4.39
Vermont- $4.59
West Virginia-$4.03

None of these prices include drink or fries! The prices above are based on location and population as I mentioned before. The more densely populated the area is, the higher prices at McDonald's or any restaurant will be. In a rural area such as Kentucky where I live, the population isn't nearly as big as Hawaii so prices will be cheaper here. If you want a Big Mac or just cheaper prices in general at restaurants or stores, it's better to go to places that aren't too big. Or just stick to the dollar menu!

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