McDonald's Birthday Cake: The Big Mac Home Sells a Birthday Cake for Only $9

McDonald's is known for its deals, but this deal is out of this world. Not only is it surprising that McDonald's sells a cake, but a birthday cake from McDonald's does sound delicious. Especially if it's as sweet as their McFlurry. Ditch the Big Mac, skip the cheesecake, put the ice cream back in the fridge, and head over to McDonald's for your next birthday treat. Read on to see exactly what the Mcdonald's birthday cake is, how much it costs, and how you can order it.

Mcdonald's Birthday Cake

It all came to light a couple months ago when a TikToker spread the news of this treasure. It's one of the most secret "secret menu" items to have been revealed.

Think about it, you've known of McDonald's since your childhood. How did they get away with not revealing that they do a sheet cake? Especially a sheet cake with an image of Ronald McDonald emblazoned over the middle. Mcdonald's secret wasn't secret for long once this trending TikTok post took off.


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There's a twist to this story. At first McDonald's claimed that they don't sell cakes, but TikTok user Kayleigh Weeks was not having it. She went back to grab more footage at their cash register, with the chocolate cake from McDonald's menu showing up on her receipt.

She then proceeded to unpackage the cake on her TikTok video. Just like sheet cakes at the grocery store, this cake appeared to be frozen. Oddly though, it had a 2 week expiration date.

The cake itself is just your basic sheet cake: chocolate with white icing. It also has a picture of Ronald McDonald at the top. Commenters have been quick to say that it's not real, but it could very possibly be legit. Some remember McDonald's selling these cakes for birthday parties back in the day. The McDonald's employees at the location of the video also confirmed that they sell the cake.

How Much Is the Cake and How Can You Get It?


According to Weeks, the cake is only $9. It's a pretty good size for that amount. Anything more than that would have been overkill seeing as this is a fast-food chain.

As far as how you can get the chocolate birthday cake, we aren't certain. Because McDonald's restaurants across the nation don't publicly promote it, it might be hard to hunt down. Don't even try the Omaha McDonald's location from the video because apparently they sold out after the viral TikTok video.

Don't expect to do a simple drive-thru in search of it either because it's not going to be like picking up a Happy Meal. Most likely the employees won't know about the secret menu item, meaning it will require you to call in advance. Try calling your local McDonald's first. If they have it, great! If they don't, just remember to ask the next time you hit up a McDonald's anywhere else. Happy cake hunting!

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