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Milo's Hamburgers is the Place to Go for Secret Sauce and Amazing Crinkle Fries

Any Alabaman who loves a good burger and fries is likely familiar with Milo's Hamburgers, the tasty and down-to-earth burger chain you can find throughout the Southern state. Milo's Hamburgers retains its customers with its welcoming atmosphere and the delicious burgers you can find on Milo's Hamburgers menu, not to mention its addicting secret sauce.

The Story of Milo's Hamburgers

Milo's Hamburgers was founded back in 1946 by Milo Carlton, who perfected his burger-making abilities while working as a cook in the U.S. army. After his time in the army, he opened shop on 12th Avenue in Birmingham's Northside to share his burger expertise with the world. One of the most famous things on the Milo's Hamburgers' menu is Milo's top-secret sauce, which he spent an entire summer perfecting. Like any good business-owner, Milo used his customer's opinions to make his mysterious sauce, asking his patrons every day how they felt about the latest iteration of the sauce.

By the end of that first summer, Milo's customers stopped having feedback for his creation, and that's when he stopped adjusting the ingredients and flavors. Milo's Hamburgers' secret sauce hasn't changed since, and it's still a huge draw for burger-lovers and sauce-lovers alike. Milo's Hamburgers' popularity continued to grow as more and more customers discovered the deliciousness of his burgers, crinkle cut fries and original sauce. This led to more locations being opened, and there are currently 21 Milo's Hamburgers throughout the state of Alabama.

What's On Milo's Hamburgers Menu?

Along with the famous sauce, Milo's Hamburgers Menu has a variety of burgers, sandwiches and sides to fulfill any fast food craving. If you're in the mood for one of the Original Burgers, choose from a classic Burger, Cheeseburger, Double Burger, Double Cheese Burger, or even go for the Mega Meal, which includes a Double Cheeseburger, Mega Fries, Mega drink, and a pie of your choosing. If you're feeling extra hungry, try a Thick-style Burger instead.

You can also get a Chicken Tender Meal, which comes in 3 or 4 pieces and a side of French Fries or Slaw, along with a regular drink. Some other options to choose from are the new Chicken Nuggets and the Chicken Sandwiches, including a number of Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Milo's is kid-friendly as well, offering Jr. Meals featuring 2-piece Chicken Tenders, a Kids Burger, Toasted Cheese, and Regular Fries or Slaw with a small drink. Customers can add sides of Milo's Original Seasoned Fries, Fresh-made Slaw, Milo's Fries and Mexi Fries. These fries are best enjoyed when dipped in one of Milo's tasty sauces, which include Milo's Original Sauce, Double-O sauce, Boom Boom Sauce, Ranch, and Honey Mustard.

For those whose appetites require more than a simple burger and fries, the Combos include large fries and drinks. Plus, Milo's desserts are not to be passed by. Try one of the Fried Pies, or the Kids Ice Cream Cup. Better yet, try a Milkshake. These can be enjoyed in classic flavors like Vanilla or Chocolate, or go crazy with it by trying the Cotton Candy Magic flavor. No matter what you try at this Alabama cornerstone, you can count on the fact that you'll be back for more.

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