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The Ultimate Guide to the 20 Best Holiday Candles of 2023

From classic Christmas tree scents to elevated new favorites.

Even if you don't live near a snowy Christmas tree forest or have a wood-burning fireplace on hand, the right scented candle can make it feel like you do. Heck, a strategically placed gingerbread or sugar cookie votive can even fool your friends into thinking you have some serious baking skills. Surrounding yourself with the best holiday candles can easily add some Christmas magic to your holiday season, almost like you're living in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Beyond tricking your guests, evoking a sense of smell that aligns with the season is the simplest way to get your home ready for all the December festivities. It's why holiday candles continue to be one of the most popular home decor items purchased this time of year. Have a fake Christmas tree? Get a candle that smells like the real thing. Some people are so dedicated to their favorite scents that they'll light a match as early as October. And those people are me.

Candles also make excellent gifts, especially to those people in your life who you don't know well enough to purchase something more personal. Like your kid's teacher, the crossing guard you've come to know and love, or the nice neighbor who always checks in on your cat when you're gone. Even your hard-to-shop-for mother-in-law.

So whether you're a traditionalist with a penchant for warm vanilla and cinnamon notes or prefer something slightly more modern and leathery scented, we've got you covered with our list of the best holiday candles to warm your house this winter season.

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