"All My Heart" on Hallmark
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The 30 Best Hallmark Movies of All Time Prove The Hallmark Channel Is Non-Stop Romance

Spoiler: Lots of Lacey Chabert

Hallmark may be best known for its festive Christmas movies, but some of the best Hallmark films have nothing to do with the holidays. These feel-good movies still follow the network's tried-and-true formula that helped create all of your favorite holiday classics, but without the eggnog, Christmas carols and references to Santa Claus.

Whether it's making a holiday movie or not, Hallmark always manages to nab some of the biggest names for its films. While some of the best movies covered in our list feature recognizable Hallmark actors and actresses, many others have big Hollywood names playing the lead, helping attract more viewers. 

You'll undoubtedly enjoy the Hallmark films starring popular actresses, including Julia Stiles of "10 Things I Hate About You," Lacey Chabert of "Mean Girls," Alexis Bledel of "Gilmore Girls," Bethany Joy Lenz of "One Tree Hill," and even Meghan Markle before she married into the royal family. 

Whether you're in the mood for a movie about friendship, love or family ties, we've got you covered! We even threw in a few films with winter themes to help you get into the spirit of the season without any over-the-top holiday embellishments. 

From older films to brand-new flicks, these are the most popular Hallmark movies based on viewer reviews.

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