Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra sits in front of a Christmas tree in a scene from the film 'Young At Heart', 1954. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

The 50 Best Christmas Songs of All Time to Make the Holiday Season Cozy & Bright

Cue the holiday tunes!

There's nothing like hearing your favorite Christmas song to get those holiday memories and emotions flowing full force. Between traditional spiritual carols that date back to the 18th century, silly mid-century novelty bops and modern pop classics that somehow perfectly evoke the spirit of the season, there's truly something for everyone. Even among the crankiest of Scrooges, there's always at least one beloved holiday tune with the power to tug at heartstrings, evoke just a little bit of nostalgia and get you in the mood to pour yourself a cup of cheer and make merry. The oldest known Christmas song, "Angels Hymn," dates all the way back to 129 AD, and the Victorians popularized the tradition of families singing carols together while gathering for holiday dinners and celebrations. Love, joy, longing, melancholy, snow, romance, a big old pile of gifts whatever your wish this season, there's a Christmas song for you. Did your favorite make this list?

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