SNL Hillary Clinton Christmas sketch

The Top 10 Funniest SNL Christmas Skits of All Time, Ranked

Put THAT in your stocking!

"Saturday Night Live" is so good at sending up Christmas and all its trappings that it's difficult to pick a favorite from among the show's decades of spot-on holiday sketches. There's so much to poke fun of when it comes to Christmas: Dysfunctional families, our collective obsession with the sanctity of the season and, lest we forget, the mere idea of Santa Claus. The show has mined all of it across unforgettable sketches throughout the years. Below, we spotlight what we think are the best SNL Christmas skits of all time.

Our ranking of the top 10 funniest sketches includes a little bit of every type of comedy. You'll find a brilliant Hallmark Christmas movie send-up starring James Franco, as well as a couple spot-on parody songs. And for the culture vultures out there, we included a couple sketches that recreate iconic movie scenes in the most imaginative ways possible. (What would a best SNL Christmas skits list be without at least one fake film trailer?) The following picks represent the best in Christmas sketch comedy. Whether they're a quick or lengthy watch, a contemporary hit or a certified classic — these skits say what you've been thinking and call out the wackiness of an aggressively involved holiday in the most brilliant (and hilarious) ways. We dare you not to crack a smile.

Need a little holiday cheer in your life? Consider this ranking your primer to a perfectly imperfect Christmas season. Watch these top 10 best SNL Christmas skits, and maybe all that anxiety around making the most of the holiday will go poof... maybe. One can dream, anyways.

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