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20 Easy Christmas Cocktails Even The Most Novice Bartenders Can Whip Up

Delicious sips for a fun and stress-free holiday.

The best holiday soirèes all have one thing in common: a festive drink.

Be it a dangerously delicious holiday punch or an end-of-the-night dessert martini, having a dedicated Christmas cocktail brings even the most distant of relatives together. Sometimes all it takes is a few Santa Shooters for Uncle Bobby and Cousin Ricky to finally put their grudges to rest.

But making at-home cocktails is intimidating. Today's recipes are full of homemade candied cranberries and caramelized liqueurs that take a lot of skill—and a lot of hours—to put together. Not necessarily an ideal task when you're already trying to make a holiday feast.

Any good host will tell you that parties are not the time to test out complicated recipes with multiple steps. It's much better for you (and your guests) to have a few simple, tried-and-true drinks in your arsenal that are simple enough to make in between basting the turkey and refilling the nut bowl.

You heard it here first—easy Christmas cocktails are the key to a fun and stress-free holiday.

So, if you'd like to make an impressive impression without spending days in the kitchen, we've rounded up 20 of our favorite easy-to-make holiday drinks. No DIY simple syrups required.

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