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BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 2: From Pork Meatloaf to Smoked Kahlua

Season 2 of BBQ Brawl has already been full of surprises and intense competition. In episode one, we met the contestants, each of whom is an expert in all things BBQ, bringing his or her own experiences and style to the grill. In the first episode, Christina Fitzgerald from team Symon was the first to be sent home in a wildly unexpected turn of events.

BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 2: Hometown Favorites

BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon season 2 brings back Bobby Flay and Michael Symon, with a new addition of Eddie Jackson. The TV show is set in Texas, at Star Hill Ranch. You can watch this cooking channel Food Network barbecue battle on Discovery Plus- look out for new episodes every Monday at 8 pm! It's also aired on Amazon prime video.

In this episode of the second season of BBQ Brawl, the contestants were back and ready to show their pitmaster skills. Team Symon in particular was eager to prove themselves worthy of the competition despite their less than stellar beginning.

The First Contest

Jackson, Symon and Flay decided that the team who previously lost a pitmaster should be the one to decide what the next contest is. In this case, it was Michael Symon, and he chose to have the contenders make the BBQ he grew up eating- pork and cabbage.

This selection had a variety of reactions from the BBQ experts. While some were excited to grill this hometown meal, others were nonplussed at the combination. Texan Brendan Lamb seemed especially unexcited, commenting that beef is king in Texas BBQ, and that you wouldn't normally catch him grilling pork.

No matter their personal feelings on pork and cabbage, each pitmaster had 30 minutes to make their own version of the meal. Most importantly, the team who made it best would have an advantage in the competition to come.

Pork and Cabbage

Each team went on to make a variety of delectable dishes in an amazingly short time. From team Bobby's firehouse skillet to team Simon's pork sausage with cabbage on southern French fries, no one held back on the barbecue challenge.

Team Symon was judged first with good reviews, and judges Rodney Scott, Brooke Williamson, and Carson Kressley proclaimed that Brittany Bo Baker's dish of French fries with sautéed cabbage and smoked kielbasa was the best.

Next was team Eddie, whose reviews were less than great. The judges commented that the team seemed to have spent their time making a good sauce, rather than a good meal. However, Max Hardy's jerk pork with charred cabbage was voted best on the team.

As for team Bobby, the judges were displeased with their uneven grilling and underwhelming flavors. Despite this, Taylor Carroll continued to impress, and her "momma's pork meatloaf" was judged the best of the group. The best dish overall was Max Hardy's, so team Eddie was given the advantage for the upcoming competition!

The Real Contest Begins

This was where the episode gets suspenseful, since viewers know that one contestant will be chosen to go home after 90 minutes are up. Who will it be! The theme of the contest was a BBQ Dessert Bar, a creative twist on barbecue that many a contestant felt hesitant about.

Since team Eddie won the preliminary competition, they were given the advantage of using superior baking equipment, like electric mixers. In 90 minutes, Food Network fans watched as the talented (and stressed) pitmasters brought their best BBQ skills to the face off.

Who Will Go Home?

Team Eddie chose to make a "booze cruise," so each grilled dessert had an alcoholic component. Bobby Flay joked that their goal was to get the judges drunk, to which the team laughed in agreement. The "booze cruise" BBQ dessert bar consisted of a berry marmalade champagne tart, peach cobbler, grilled fruit, deconstructed sweet potato pie, flambeed plantains, and a smoked Kahlua dessert drink by Lu Holter. As delicious as the desserts sound, the judges were unimpressed and gave all-around negative reviews.

Next was team Bobby, who went for the theme of nostalgic American desserts. They filled the judges' plates with blackberry caramel shortcake, southern monkey bread with candied pecans, banana foster on cinnamon toast croutons, smoked peach and blueberry cobbler, and a chocolate torte. The judges appreciated the assortment of grilled delicacies, giving moderately good reviews.

Last but not least, team Michael made a BBQ dessert bar centered on hometown flavors. This consisted of chocolate banana parfait, gooey butter cake with smoked candied bacon, blueberry tart, and a marshmallow-stuffed smoked sweet potato fritter. Christopher Prieto, who was almost sent home in the first episode, was responsible for the gooey butter cake, which Brooke Williamson proclaimed as a "recovery unlike anything she'd ever seen." Team Bobby earned positive feedback except for the marshmallow dish.

Everyone waited in anticipatory silence as the judges made their decision in the last moments of BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 2. The first "safe team" declared was Team Michael, and then team Bobby. This left team Eddie to lose one contestant who would go home that night and lose the chance to become Master of Cue. In a sad and surprising moment, Max Hardy was chosen to leave. Tune in next Monday to watch more BBQ drama, upsets and wins!