Cooking Frozen Steak Hack

Here’s Why You Should Never Thaw Frozen Steak Before You Grill


It seems like cooking frozen steak is counterintuitive, but according to the chefs at America's Test Kitchen, we've all been doing it wrong.

This video shows an experiment of cooking frozen steak that had been thawed and one that had not. The steaks that were not thawed were less overcooked on the outside and kept in more moisture than those that were left to warm up. Surprisingly, the frozen steaks browned in the skillet almost the exact same amount of time as the thawed steaks; so you're actually wasting time by letting it thaw completely before throwing it on the grill.

This clip also has more info and also shows you the best way to freeze your meats and how to prepare them to get the best flavor.


According to their taste test, the originally frozen steaks were picked hands-down as having a better flavor and taste overall. This new information is a total game-changer and will actually help you make the best tasting steaks you ever have. Not only will you save time, but you'll be getting the most out your meat.

This post was originally published on May 23, 2016.