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Season 3 of Food Network's BBQ Brawl is Finally Here

Last summer, BBQ fans across the country watched in anticipation as twelve talented pitmasters battled it out on the grill for the title of Master of 'Cue. BBQ Braw: Flay v. Symon was full of upsets and drama, as expected winners went home early and underdogs rose to the plate. BBQ Brawl is back with another season, and season 3 is expected to be just as binge-worthy as the last. Here's everything to know about this iconic Food Network show and the edge-of-the-seat season we have ahead of us.

BBQ Brawl: Season 3!

This year's season of BBQ brawl is switching it up from the Bobby Flay vs. Michael Symon dynamic, subbing in chefs Anne Burrell and Jet Tila to compete with the undefeated Bobby Flay. Food Network president Courtney White did this intentionally to bring more diversity to the show, saying that Burrell and Tila will be "challenging Bobby with their competitive DNA and deep culinary experience."

Although the chef lineup is different and the contestants are of course new, the judges are one factor that will stay the same. Carson Kressley, Rodney Scott, and Brooke Williamson are back to evaluate the contenders as they compete to make the most delicious BBQ despite the many challenges thrown at them throughout the competition.

What is BBQ Brawl?

In the series, chefs Bobby Flay, renowned as "the undisputed grill master" at Food Network and chefs Anne Burrell and Jet Tila will each lead a team of BBQ chefs chosen from the nine contestants. At the end of each episode, one pitmaster will be eliminated. Since there are eight episodes and nine contestants, the season finale will be down to two and will end with the crowning of the final champion, who will be awarded the title "Master of 'Cue" and the chance to star in a Food Network series.

This barbecue battle rounds up the best pitmasters, grillers and barbecue experts in the country in a high-pressure showdown. These talented cooks are coached by their team leader in themed competitions, which can involve anything from types of cuisine to cooking methods. There are also time limits and extra challenges added throughout each episode, making the pressure even higher and success even more difficult to obtain. At the end of each episode, each dish is tasted and judged by the judges in a moment full of anticipation, before one chef is sent home.

BBQ enthusiasts everywhere are excited to watch the new season of this binge-worthy barbecue cooking show, which is filmed at Star Hill Ranch in Bee Cave, Texas, about half an hour from Austin. These three chefs and their teams of grillmasters will face off weekly in a grilling competition. The premiere was Monday, May 9th, and the season will be available to stream weekly on Discovery+.

BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon Season 2

The previous season involved Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Eddie Jackson, each of whom coached a team of pitmasters in the hopes that one would reign at Master of 'Cue. Here are the recaps of each episode to jog your memory and get you ready to watch season 3!

  1. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 1: You Got Me at "Man-Catching Cornbread"
  2. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 2: From Pork Meatloaf to Smoked Kahlua
  3. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 3: From Pitmasters to Cowboys
  4. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 4: The Comeback Kids
  5. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 5: Another One Bites the Dust
  6. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 6: Work Hard, Brunch Harder!
  7. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 7: A Seafood Challenge
  8. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 8: From Japan to Argentina
  9. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 9: Spaghetti Westerns and BBQ Ambrosia
  10. BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 10: The Moment of Truth

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