A Bag Sealer Is the Easy Way To Avoid Waste and Keep Your Pantry Foods Fresh

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I am a big-time snacker, which means I'm always on the hunt for new treats to try. To put it lightly, my pantry stays full. You can imagine that with all those food bags floating around, it can be hard to keep my favorite snacks fresh. Clips fall off, and I can't stand shrink wrap. That's why an automatic bag sealer is such a crucial gadget to have around.

My wife hates to rummage through the cabinets in the morning only to find a loose clip on the cereal bag. What's worse than stale cereal? Fortunately, these heat and vacuum resealing machines are on the scene to keep the cabinet goods at peak freshness. Sealing bags doesn't only improve the quality of your food, it stops containers that could be reusable from ending up in the landfill.

Now that's a win-win.

Best Bag Sealer

1. 2 PACK Mini Bag Sealer Heat, Handheld Food Bag Re-Sealer for Food Storage, Portable Smart-Heat Sealer Machine with 45" Power Cable for Chip Bags, Storage Bags, Snack Bags

I laughed when I saw this handheld heat sealer from Eliamo, thinking: "I could have been using a hair straightener all along?" I stopped laughing when I saw the list price. A high-quality, airtight seal on my snacks, and for only $7? There are specialty chips that cost more than that these days.

This unit can seal bags in under two minutes, and it's useful for a variety of plastic and aluminum foil bags. However, it's no good for paper bags or ultra-thin plastics. If you want a quick way to lock in the freshness of your favorite candy, cereal, or cookies, this is it.

2. LORDSON Mini Bag Sealer, Handheld Portable Bag Heat Vacuum Sealer, 2 in 1 Heat Sealer & Cutter Food Saver Sealing Machine for Plastic Bags Snack Cookie Candy Chip Bags (Battery Included)

The first bag closer works with heat, but the LORDSON is a multi-purpose wonder. Of course, you can use the heat sealing mode to tightly close whatever it is you've been snacking on. But what if your nibbles never had an original bag to begin with?

No worries! The Lordson also functions as a vacuum sealer machine. All you need are food vacuum sealer bags, and you can preserve your fruits, cheeses, and all the other stuff that you'd normally toss plastic wrap on.

In the spirit of reusability, you should know this tool has even more utilities: the bottom is a bag cutter, a built-in magnet snaps the unit right to the fridge, and pricing comes in at only $14!

3. Metronic 8 inch Impulse Heat Bag Sealer Poly Bag Heat Sealer Sealing Machine Heat Closer with Repair Kit

It's been portable units so far, but the Metronic Impulse is a miniature tabletop band sealer that's top-notch at preserving food. It comes in various colors, so keep your home ambiance fresh too by accessorizing with your kitchen decor scheme.

This sealer matches more than your interior design. Temperature and timer settings can be specified to reseal foil bags, kraft paper, and even 5-gallon mylar bags for bulk baking or commercial needs. It might be small, but this plastic bag sealer is heavy-duty!

Automatic bag binders are in stock on Amazon today. These useful kitchen gadgets will help you save the planet and your pocketbook. We all know fresh food tastes better.