'Baby Reindeer' Alleged Real-Life Martha Denies Stalking Richard Gadd, Says He Made Entire Show Up
Photos By Piers Morgan Uncensored and Netflix

'Baby Reindeer' Alleged Real-Life Martha Denies Stalking Richard Gadd, Says He Made Entire Show Up

Baby Reindeer is Netflix's latest critical darling, commanding an astonishing 98% on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer. The dark comedy centers around the series' real-life creator, Richard Gadd. It's an autobiographical retelling of Gadd's experiences of being stalked and sexually exploited on his journey to becoming a comedian.

Though the series is endlessly entertaining and thrilling, a prominent naysayer has emerged from the woodwork to contest its "autobiographical" nature: Fiona Harvey.

In the series, Gadd is constantly stalked by a former lawyer who seems to be utterly obsessed with him. The character's name is Martha, who pops up time and again to be the bane of Gadd's existence. If you've glanced at the image for this article, you may wonder if Martha is meant to be a flat-out insertion of Harvey.

Harvey went on Piers Morgan Uncensored (via Variety) to set the record straight. In the interview, she claims that she plans on taking legal action against both Gadd and Netflix.

"I think he's done bloody well out of defaming me," Harvey says. When directly asked about her stance on Gadd himself, Harvey states, "I think he's psychotic. And I think that anyone going along, being in that play and doing this to somebody, I find that behavior outrageous."

Harvey also felt strongly about Gadd portraying "Martha" as an obsessive stalker who sends endless streams of emails.

"That's simply not true. If somebody was sending somebody 41,000 emails or something, they'd be doing how many a day? Lots." And if we're talking about stalking specifically, Harvey made her position clear.

"I'm not a stalker. I've not been to jail, I've not got injunctions, interdicts. This is just complete nonsense."

Richard Gadd And Netflix Vs. Fiona Harvey — Who's In The Right?

Right now, it's a battle of "He says, she says." While Netflix and Gadd have yet to make any official statement as of this writing, you can watch the sitdown interview on Piers Morgan's show below:

It's understandable if you don't have the time to watch a near-hour of Harvey's impassioned defenses. For the sheer morbid curiosity element of it all, however? You could definitely do worse!