Have You Ever Pickled an Avocado? Here's How to Do It at Home

If you haven't noticed we have a love for everything pickles here at Wide Open Eats. Whether they are made with moonshine, whisky, or even red hots, we love anything and everything that is briny and packed with vinegar. And it doesn't have to stop there- once we tried pickle soda. Lucky for us we don't have to stop at just pickling cucumbers. No, nothing is off-limits including the millennial's favorite fruit: the avocado.

Unlike many avocado-heavy recipes like creamy avocado guacamole and the ever famous avo-toast, Avocado pickles are best prepared with underripe avocados that could double as a baseball. The firmer, the better. This is the recipe to run to when you've got an entire basket full of hard avocados and you need an avocado fix, pronto.

Let's get into the recipe.

How to Make Avocado Pickles

Got your avocados? Are they super hard? Good! Grab your closest medium saucepan and add in white vinegar, kosher salt, yellow mustard seeds, sugar, black peppercorns and a touch of chile de arbol if you wish. Stir the mixture together and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring to fully dissolve the sugar and salt. Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool to room temperature, about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the skins from the avocado and cut the fruit into 1-inch wide slices. Place the firm avocado slices into a mason jar and arrange. Pour the cooled brine over the slices, making sure to cover them completely.

Once covered, the avocados take about an hour or two to plump up with the brine and take on that pickle flavor. Serve the pickles on your sandwiches and salads or eat them plain as a fun snack.

These avocado pickles are good for about one week in the fridge but we doubt they'll last an hour without being gobbled up.

Get the recipe.

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