Kristen Bennett

Ohioan Kristen Bennett was raised on Johnny Cash and jazz guitar. She loves writing, with music as her muse. Kristen has spent her summers touring as an independent artist, using her music to support The Center For Global Impact, an organization that aids sex-trafficked victims in Cambodia. Kristen recently graduated from Anderson University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business, and a focus in vocal performance. In January she relocated to Nashville to pursue an internship at the Contemporary Music Center, a program that uses students to craft an engaging, creative, and entertaining live show. This spring she’ll be working on a compilation CD with Orangehaus Records, featuring Jon Mclaughlin. Kristen plans to settle in Nashville indefinitely this summer to further her experience in the music industry, and become immersed in the culture, people, and environment. She enjoys blogging and spreading some sunshine on her personal site,