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Bylle Breaux grew up in rural Kansas where she competed in pageants, learned to drive a Combine, and rode her horse both English and Western style. She has lived in Los Angeles for most of her adult life where she has also worked in theatre and film. As a Theology major in college, she minored in music where she discovered she was not only musically talentless, but also had extreme panic attacks from stage fright. Still, she picks away at her Dad’s guitars and sings in her car when she’s stuck in L.A. traffic. Bylle is a freelance writer with a special interest in Ameripolitan artists. She started her own music blog last year called Dirty Blonde Outlaw and has been published in Elmore, MonkeyGoose, National Rock Review and National Country Review. She is also a former Associate Publisher at Virgo Publishing and wrote her first non-fiction novel last year, which is now in the revision stages. When she has time off, she loves to spend time in Big Sur climbing trees and filling the hippie town’s jukeboxes with Outlaw country.