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Ashley Wineland

Ashley Wineland's New Single 'Drive Me To Drink' Is A Whole Lot of Honky Tonk Fun

Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland is gearing up to release her upcoming third album, I'm Gonna Ride, and based on her latest single, we can't wait. "Drive Me To Drink" has officially dropped and it's a whole lot of honky-tonk fun for fans of old school and current country music. Mark your calendars for August 5, 2021, when the accompanying music video is released as well. Other new releases from her much-anticipated album include "Daddy's Creed" and "I'm Gonna Ride" and prove to be strong follow-ups to her previous albums, No Prince Charming and Simple Life.

Kick up your boots and get ready to jam out to the twang of the guitar, accompanying fiddle, and Wineland's cheeky lyrics that will have you agreeing that pursuing a relationship can definitely drive one to drink. As a country music singer/songwriter, Wineland has really mastered connecting with her fanbase with her relatable content which strives to capture "the heartbeat of the heartland." It's probably why she has so many "Winelanders" who follow along with her career on social media.

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In a press release discussing her new song, Wineland states, "When I was writing this song, I knew I wanted it to be really fun. My first thought was, I want it to sound like something you'd hear in a spaghetti western musical! Thinking about all the crazy instances that happened in my life that inspired the song, I couldn't help but laugh — which is what I hope people do when they hear it...chuckle and nod with the acknowledgment, 'I know that feeling!'

"We've all had those circumstances that make us go, 'Wow, I would totally do something I normally wouldn't in this moment just to try and handle this insanity.' Overall, it is a fun song to sing and laugh along with when you're needing a pick-me-up after a hard day or week."

We've got to hand it to her, the new song really delivers on everything she was going for and then some. Wineland has steadily been building a name for herself by regularly touring, giving live stream performances, and bringing in thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. According to her website, she has the "impassioned spirit of an old-world troubadour" which is definitely why her classic Nashville sound appeals to fans all over the country. Make sure to add "Drive Me to Drink" to your country playlist because we have a feeling it's going to be on repeat all summer long.

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