Daddy's Creed
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Ashley Wineland's New Single 'Daddy's Creed' Praises Fatherly Wisdom

Cool new music alert: Rising country music star and official CMT artist Ashley Wineland suggests heeding fatherly advice with "Daddy's Creed."

Such verses as "If you want something done, don't wait for someone to run and do it all for you" will remind many listeners of their own life lessons about the difference between self-affirmation and stubbornness.

"This song was an easy one to write," Wineland says in a press release. "I was going through a rough patch in my life and feeling beaten up. I found myself thinking about the foundational lessons I've learned in my life to help me through hard times. When I looked back on those things, I realized that the majority were imparted to me by my dad. It was after that realization that this song came to fruition, and in an hour, I had the song ready for my team to hear."

If you didn't have a dad in your life while growing up, there's a chance you learned similar wisdom from a teacher, minister, relative or friend.

"There are people in our lives who want to see us succeed and help us on our way toward becoming the person we are meant to be," she continues. "These personal role models enrich us through their wisdom and teach us life's essential lessons — even if we don't realize it until later down the line. 'Daddy's Creed' is that reminder that you can do it alone, but you're never truly walking the path by yourself."

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Like most new singles released during the COVID-19 pandemic, "Daddy's Creed" takes on a different meaning at a time when limitations on self-promotion test many artists' patience.

"Especially with how rough 2020 has been on all of us, this song really speaks to remembering our own power and that we can do anything we set our minds to no matter the circumstances," Wineland says in the music video's description. "Considering that I did not know whether this song or video would come out this year, I contribute the release of this project to those lessons that my dad taught me that can be heard in the song. Without them, I would not have found the strength and foot hold to get this project off the ground and to you!"

"Daddy's Creed" previews Wineland's third album, I'm Gonna Ride. According to a press release, the album " features a selection of songs written by Wineland that extol paving one's own way and having agency over your life."

Per Spotify, Wineland shares songwriting credit for "Daddy's Creed" with Bryan Scott Kuban.

To learn more about Wineland, check out the Glendale, Arizona resident's website (

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