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Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn Owns a Vineyard in Tennessee

Kix Brooks is many things — namely a best-selling country music superstar and half of the iconic musical duo Brooks & Dunn. He's been a part of the music scene in Nashville since the early '80s and still performs regularly. But did you know he's also passionate about wine? (Aren't we all?) He's passionate enough to get a couple of guys together and make his own vineyard.

It all started back in 2003 when Brooks decided to buy a 25-acre hog farm and transform it. He worked on revamping the property and planting grapevines. The following year he was even able to purchase the property next door that included a farmhouse...this would later become the wine tasting room. 

While the grapes were growing, the original name for the vineyard was going to be Firefly Vineyards, but Brooks and his partners decided to change the name to support the Arrington community.  In 2005, Brooks worked with local officials to set up zoning rights so that he was able to open a tasting room as well as a retail store on the property. It was finally time for Arrington Vineyards to show the world what it was made of in 2007.

And they started with a bang. Their 2004 Syrah won the "Best of Show" award at the Wines of the South Competition. They even sold out of their entire 2005 vintage within months. The vineyard's success is what attracted John Russell to the partnership the following year. He added some business expertise and started distributing the Arrington Vineyards products around the state. 

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Don't live in Tennessee or have any plans to visit soon? No problem! "Kix's Wine Club" was founded in 2009 and ships its products to 44 different states. The coolest part of the club? You can choose the type of wine you want. You like reds? Perfect! They have a Red Fan Club. They also have a White Fan Club, Sweet Fan Club or a Mixed Fan Club if you just like wine in general and want whatever they'll send you. Orders get sent out every March, May, September and November. Or if you're just curious about the product, ship yourself a box of a couple of bottles!

If you're looking for an especially high-end experience, consider the Wine Loft overlooking the vineyard. You'll get a guided tour of the Barrel House and Wine Production Facility and then enjoy some delicious wine in the private wine loft selected by Master Vintner, Kip Summers. Bites of food by Simply Living Life will also be provided. It's also only $50/person, which sounds like an incredible deal. 

Until they reopen, check out their beautiful property on their Instagram page, and consider ordering some wine to try yourself at home!

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