American Students Returning From Studying Abroad Gets Patriotic Surprise At The Airport
Photos By Storyful/Emme Acker

American Students Returning From Studying Abroad Gets Patriotic Surprise At The Airport

You can hear the CAW-CAW of the majestic bald eagle, can't you? That means it's time to get American up in here! Some students returned home from studying abroad, as great students do! But when they got off the plane and began walking through the terminal, they received the surprise of a lifetime. In the form of patriotic birds!

Watch that video and tell me it's not the most American thing you've ever seen. The only thing that could've made this silly moment more "American" is if "The Star-Spangled Banner" started playing in the background. Or "America the Beautiful," if that's more your jam. Well, since I have you here, let's keep that sweet patriotism going!

Here, we have the longest line I've ever seen. ...I guess there's no point in burying the lede since you can read it yourself. Jack in the Box? I can't even tell you where the nearest Jack in the Box is where I live! But, yeah, that's America. Lined up around the block to enjoy some delicious, nutritious fast food!

"American tourists abroad, you can tell them a mile away, gaudy dress, sandals with socks, cameras, fanny packs, baseball caps, and loud, always so loud..... and rude!" one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said. I always think it's so funny reading and hearing impressions of Americans from non-Americans. For all the crude jokes we have about other regions, I feel like outside discourse about us is somehow funnier.

American Students Are Surprised By The Most Patriotic Gesture Imaginable

I'd compile a series of reactions we could laugh at together, but, uh... it's not exactly a "relaxing" climate regarding others' feelings about America at the moment. So, instead, more America!

Nothing's more American than seeing the stars and stripes soaring through the sky! And, of course, the quintessential slice of America:

Finally, something everyone can agree on! Fireworks. Destructive, chaotic, unpredictable fireworks! As a kid, I always thought fireworks were more impressive from afar. Truthfully, with how seriously some people take fireworks, it seems I had the right idea. I mean, with the above clip alone, look at how insane everything gets. It's fascinating to watch from a distance!