This is What Kevin Costner Says America is Missing
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Kevin Costner Says This is What America is Missing

Everyone talks about their own vision of America. With the election on its way, it thrives in conversations as a hot topic of discussion. What issues need to be addressed? Where are we lacking as a whole? Usually, there's a lot of ignorance behind it all. Oftentimes, it centers around some selfish internal beliefs rather than tending to the larger flock. Regardless, what we can all agree on in some sense is the need for a strong leader. Kevin Costner emphasizes this need.

Recently, Kevin speaks to FOX News' Will Cain on his show in promotion of his new film, 'Horizon: An American Saga.' Amidst the conversation, Costner talks about the movie as a larger reflection of our current worldview. All in all, he emphasizes the need for self-reflection as a country. "I think it wouldn't hurt at all that this country continued to just look at itself, be honest with things and understand who — understand what's important," he says.

Kevin Costner Ponders The Current State of America

Moreover, Kevin expresses the need to shed ego and think about each other and the community we cultivate or, oftentimes, ignore. He continues, "And it's not someone's career. It's not someone's tenure. It's not anything. Public service really is about us. I mean, are we getting the best attention? Are we, like, going after problems in a very logical way? Are we looking at things that have been broken for so long?"

Additionally, Costner observes the myriads of promises and arguments governmental candidates make on their campaigns that they never follow up on. "Every election, somebody is going to take care of the veterans. And it doesn't seem to happen. And every year, it's going to be — and every four years, it's going to be something about this," he sighs. "So I think Americans are frustrated with that. I know I am, because it's — it feels like, boy, we can do a lot of things. It seems like we could fix that. And I think there's 20 things like that."

Perhaps his strongest criticism comes from the fact that people would trust the government and the current system more if it looks out for their best interests. Ultimately, it's about the people and Kevin knows the best way to satisfy them is to incentivize them. Show them where their money is going and listen to whether or not this truly helps everyday lives. "People don't want to pay a lot of taxes, but I don't know anybody that, if they thought it was going to make a difference, that wouldn't pay more," he says.