'American Idol' Alum Chayce Beckham Says He Depends On This Judge For Advice
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'American Idol' Alum Chayce Beckham Says He Depends On This Judge For Advice

Chayce Beckham won Season 19 of American Idol, and the sky's been the limit for him since. Beckham's single, "23," hit number one on the Billboard Country Airplay charts in April. It takes more than one talented singer to make the best of an opportunity, however. Beckham spoke to Us Weekly about his recent successes.

Beckham is asked if any advice from American Idol's judges stuck with him. His answer, in truth, couldn't be more obvious. Heck, you probably knew who it was before clicking on the article.

"Yeah, Luke Bryan," Beckham says. "He's got a lot of advice. He's always been so supportive. ...Even if I get sick, if I call him, he's always got the answer. It's nice to have him and his advice in my corner."

Indeed, thanks to Bryan's tutelage — and his own talents, of course — Beckham surely isn't left wanting for opportunities and appearances.

Chayce Beckham Still Absorbs Wisdom From One Of 'American Idol's Judges

This isn't the first time Beckham has had nothing but great things to say about Luke Bryan. Per All Country News, he told the story of when Bryan invited him on an outing soon after winning his season of American Idol.

"[A friend] told me Luke Bryan was wondering if I wanted to go fishing with him. I was with my Mom when I got the text. So, I asked my mom to continue house hunting for me while I went and fished at Luke's. We ended up fishing for a day and a half. Having his friendship early on and him being so lenient on whenever I wanted to come finishing really meant a lot! I have been terrorizing him ever since."

Hmm. Wait a minute. ...Isn't another former Idol contestant going on a fishing trip with Luke Bryan soon?

My writer brain can't help but feel like Bryan is actually indoctrinating Idol folks into a country-singing cult. Two fishing trips? Perhaps it's merely how Luke Bryan gives himself space to bond with hopeful musical prodigies.

Or it's the beginning of a compelling drama series I'd watch in a heartbeat. Hopefully, nobody's being sacrificed or forming blood bonds on those trips!