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This Award-Winning Rosé is Only Found at Aldi for Under $10

Do you remember when we gave you some tips for shopping at Aldi? You might want to take a peek back at them because once you hear this, you're going to make an effort to hit up the beloved discount grocer. With locations sprouting up across the U.S., and quite a few in Texas, Aldi is turning into a fan favorite across the board. Whether it's the no-fuss packaging or the incredibly low prices, this German retailer is bringing more bang for your buck to the United States. And they just gave you one more reason to stop in, with this award-winning rosé coming to shelves.

In June, the Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé was ranked as one of the best wines in the world. You might remember this because a Sam's Club wine was also ranked in the top, too. This rosé winner of the International Wine Challenge (think of it like the Oscars for winemakers) was named the IWC's Great Value Rosé under 8 British pounds. That roughly equals $10, and with a rating like that, it's a small price to pay for a seriously good wine. Stateside, the price tag for a bottle is $7.99.

If you're in Aldi, you might spot a different Côtes de Provence Rosé, but you're looking for the version made by Julian Faulkner or Jules wines from France. It's only available while supplies last, though. It's best to call ahead to your local Aldi to confirm they do carry alcohol as some stores cannot break a state's alcohol laws. This wine didn't wine 18 medals for nothing, it might just be the best thing you'll sip all year.

The wine is described as having notes of white fruit, subtle spice, and strawberry, which makes it perfect to pair with light salads, seafood pasta dishes, and goat cheese. While rosé is traditionally a summer wine, there's no shame in adding it to a big fall sangria or even using it for a slow cooker cocktail.

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