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Newlyweds Nail ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine During Their First Dance

Talk about having the time of your life at your wedding. It's no secret that newlyweds always get excited for their first dance to commemorate their marriage. Most couples aim to do something very unique and meaningful on their wedding day hoping guests will never forget their dance. So, what better choice than giving them the performance of their life by reenacting one of the best dance scenes that have ever existed. Ada and Mateusz decided to surprise their guests with their amazing dance skills, by choosing the iconic dance finale from the film Dirty Dancing. Let me tell you, it is an outstanding performance. Are these two professional dancers?

The couple decided to skip the traditional first dance during their nuptials for a surprising version of the routine, which blew away the minds of their family and friends as they perfectly nail the signature Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dance. My gosh, I want to do this when I get married because this looks like it's so much fun. You can tell this couple practiced a lot, it was definitely worth it.

Dirty Dancing is an American romantic dance film released in 1987 and is now considered a classic. The story is about a young girl, portrayed by Jennifer Grey, who visits a summer resort along with her family where she meets a male dance instructor, Patrick Swayze. They start having special dance classes together after she becomes highly intrigued by him and the rest of the dance group.

Obviously, you can imagine what happens next, the couple falls in love and shows it through a very intense and passionate dance in front of the resort guests, which include her parents. That's when Patrick Swayze says the most memorable line in film history, "nobody puts Baby in the corner," and leads Jennifer Grey to the central stage, where they Dazzle everyone with their routine.

So, similarly to the film, the beautiful video shows the newlyweds surprising the guests when the music begins and they head to the dancefloor. Obviously, you can tell the couple has so much chemistry. There is happiness and love portrayed on both of their smiling faces, and the crowd is legit going wild. Yes, the couple even nails the epic lift from the original dance routine.

The bride, looking beautiful in her sleeveless wedding dress, is seen running towards Mateusza as he then catches her, which is a perfect dance finale. Honestly, this is pretty cool. I wish I would have been there. Petition to have Diry Dancing choreography at their wedding? I wonder what the father-daughter dance looked like! Thank god the videographer got it all on camera! Married life for the win!

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