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Absolut Juice is Here To Up Your Cocktail Game

Summertime calls for fruity vodka cocktails, lounging in the sun with a sun hat, and endless amounts of snacks. While it's easier to just pop open a beer or spiked seltzer, nothing comes close to that refreshing taste of a vodka soda water cocktail. Absolut Vodka, one of the top vodka producers in the world, has always been known for their crisp taste and delicious flavors. This summer, the Swedish-based company has released its newest product, Absolut Juice, and you'll want to run out and grab a bottle ASAP.

All About Absolut Juice

Made with superb Absolut Vodka, the 35% ABV spirit is a mixture of vodka, fruit juice and natural flavors from your favorite seasonal fruits. Just add to a glass of soda water and you've got yourself a juicy cocktail that's only 99 calories per serving.

The Absolut juice edition features two distinct flavors: Absolut Juice strawberry edition, which " is fresh and smooth with rich notes of sun-ripened strawberries" and Absolut Juice apple edition, which is "fresh in both aroma and taste with a distinct character of ripened apple" according to the Absolut website.

Both vodkas are made with real fruit juice and are mixed with the perfect balance of natural flavors to create a true fruit taste sensation that drinks like sparkling wine can't compare to. Distilled in Ahus, Sweden, the vodka is made with crisp Swedish water and winter wheat, which is sown one year and harvested the next, creating a hard grain with a characteristic taste. And with no artificial ingredients, you just can't go wrong.

If you are looking to up your cocktail game, Absolut Juice strawberry edition and sparkling rosé make a great pairing for a boozy cocktail you can enjoy by the pool or on the picnic blanket.

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