Topo Chico

What is Topo Chico and Why Texans Can't Get Enough

Refreshing in the sweltering summer heat, delicious in batch cocktails for backyard barbeques and packed with healthy minerals, there's a lot to like about Topo Chico mineral water. Brought to the United States by Mexican immigrants before becoming popular among hipsters, you're unlikely to find a restaurant, cafe, or bar that doesn't serve the fizzy beverage in Austin, let alone Texas.

What Is Topo Chico?

Topo Chico is a beloved brand of sparkling mineral water that originates in Monterrey, Mexico. This refreshing beverage is naturally carbonated at its source along with being carbonated artificially, making it extra bubbly. Topo Chico was first created in 1895 and has only grown in popularity over the years, formerly a regional drink found exclusively in northern Mexico and Texas to being sold all over the country. Not only is this drink beloved, it has a true cult following of dedicated fans who would never dream of touching Perrier, La Croix or a new sparkling water rival seeking to usurp it. Here are 10 reasons that we can't get enough of this Mexican mineral water.

1. It comes with its own Aztec legend

Legend holds that an Aztec King discovered Topo Chico when seeking a cure for the mysterious illness ailing his daughter.

Following rumors of secret and warm, restorative springs, King Moctezuma I Ilhuicamina brought his daughter to bathe and drink from the sparkling mineral water, where she soon regained her health, joy and strength. It's hard not to love a mineral water that originates from a legend about an Aztec king and magical healing springs.

2. It's been drawn from the same source for over 120 years

Since 1895, Topo Chico has been drawn from these "enchanted" underground springs, located by the Cerro del Silla mountains near Monterrey, Mexico. The limestone quarries of northern Mexico provide the waters' mineral properties.

3. Topo Chico means "Little Mole"

The name Topo Chico—little mole—comes from the Cerro del Topo Chico near the Cerro del Silla, which rests atop the underground reservoir that is Topo Chico's source. Its mole-like appearance earned it this moniker. The inactive volcano is also near the area of Mexico's first Coca-Cola bottling plant. Could the drink have a more adorable name?

4. It's as healthy as it is delicious

Thermal mineral water that's been purified by physical processes, ice-cold Topo Chico mineral water isn't just delicious and refreshing— it's also good for you. Each bottle is packed with healthy minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese. These minerals have a wide range of effects, aiding the health of Topo Chico fans in many was. Calcium is shown to strengthen bones and regulate heart rate, while magnesium supports healthy digestion and brain function.

The sodium in Topo Chico prevents dehydration, and potassium is essential in healthy functioning of the heart, nervous system, muscles, kidneys and digestion. As for manganese, this is an antioxidant that helps with the metabolism and brain function, along with giving firmness and hydration to the skin. These minerals have also been shown to help with sleep. If you haven't experienced the deliciousness that makes Topo Chico so beloved, its plethora of health benefits are more than enough reason to start.

5. There are actual Topo Chico springs

Most mineral water brands are created at the bottling plant. As for Topo Chico, this legendary beverage comes from actual springs! The only downside is, even the most dedicated fans can't visit them, as Topo Chico strictly enforces exclusive property rights and restricts access to the springs to ensure the continued integrity and purity of the waters. The particular blend of minerals in these springs are unique and require careful safeguarding.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to make the pilgrimage from America to Cerro del Silla to bathe in the mysterious Topo Chico waters like an Aztec princess in need of healing powers, you're out of luck.

6. Topo Chico mineral water is available in every state

While the manufacturer claims was only available in 28 of the United States, for many years, you can now buy it all over the states! This is exciting to all Topo Chico fans, but no state will ever come close to the cult-following that the drink has in Texas.

7. It tastes great with lime and salt

The makers of Topo Chico mineral water suggest trying the drink with a pinch of salt and a wedge of lime. It's pretty good—kind of like homemade Gatorade, the best natural hangover cure from the best sparkling water around.

8. It's available in different flavors

While less prevalent, flavored Topo Chico is also available. If your grocery store doesn't carry any flavors, we suggest hunting them down online. For those who feel like switching it up from the classic Topo Chico, check out Topo Chico Twist of Lime, Twist of Grapefruit or Twist of Tangerine.

For a boozy twist, try Topo Chico's hard seltzer flavors, which range from fruity options like Tangy Lemon Lime and Exotic Pineapple to a Texas-themed flavor, Topo Chico Ranch Water. 

9. Topo Chico mineral water makes your favorite cocktail even better

The fancy flavors of the fizzy water make bright mixers for alcoholic beverages, too. Bartenders love Topo Chico's huge bubbles and subtle flavors. An essential ingredient for Texas bartenders, this tasty mineral water is the perfect, carbonation substitute for club soda or seltzer.

Blend it with tequila, whiskey, gin or pretty much anything, the result is always delicious. What's more, it has digestive qualities that make it an ideal choice for an after-dinner cocktail or straight up.

10. It can help you outsmart a hangover

Aficionados swear by its anti-hangover powers, but Topo Chico mineral water can also help you ward off a hangover before it hits. Plus you can make a pretty great mocktail with Topo so that you don't feel left out of the adult beverage fun.

Try alternating this mineral drink with alcoholic drinks the next time you go out on the town. You'll save some loot, skip a few calories and reduce your alcohol consumption.

BONUS: Topo Chico just may be the best mineral water in the world

Okay, okay, this one may not technically count as an official "fact." But this delicious mineral water consistently earns top marks in taste tests, leading some to dub it "the world's best mineral water." Move over, La Croix.

This article was originally published on October 23, 2018.

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