Big Swig

Pickle Sparkling Water is Now a Thing Thanks To This Texas Company

It looks like pickle-lovers are getting one more product to add to their arsenal. Pickle-flavored foods and drinks (like pickle juice soda, and pickle ice pops) have been taking over the grocery shelves recently, and people, especially Texans, are all about it. The Austin-based sparkling water company, Big Swig has released their newest flavor, a pickle sparkling water, called Pickle Party.

Big Swig, which is coined as, "Unapologetically Texan", has been selling their sparkling water since 2017. Crisp, clean & crushable, the brand started with three quenchable flavors: original, ruby red grapefruit, and refreshing key lime. This summer's newest flavors marks an expansion in the brand, one that resonates for all their Texas consumers. 

New Pickle Sparkling Water Hails From Texas

Party Pickle and Jalapeño Pineapple are the latest new flavors to come out of the brand. Earlier this summer Big Swig also released Chile Mango, Prickly Pear Cucumber, and Watermelon Mint for thirsty Texans

"From pairing perfectly with BBQ, to an afternoon at the ballpark to road trip stops at Bu-cees, (the) pickle is practically the official vegetable of Texas," Big Swig co-founder Christian Helms shared with Stateman. "Folks love it! A few don't, but they're likely just visiting," 

Party Pickle, like all of the Big Swig waters, contains carbonated water and natural flavorings which packs a fizz without the addition of sugar. The taste of pickle is just slight, making it the perfect drink to grab from the cooler.

Sparkling water, especially alcoholic sparkling water,  has been gaining traction lately with adults. According to VinePair hard seltzer sales grew nearly 211 percent through June 15, 2019, while domestic super premiums only grew 11.9 percent. 

Party Pickle and Jalapeño Pineapple arrive in select Texas stores this week in 16 oz. cans. You can find a store near you using the "Find a Store" feature on the Big Swig website

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