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Aaron Watson’s Stolen Guitar Was Recovered

UPDATE: Aaron Watson's guitar was returned, the singer announced via Instagram on Tuesday. In a brief post, Watson said a good samaritan found the guitar and returned it.

The article below was originally published on April 18, 2017. 

Dirty rotten thieves alert: somebody stole Aaron Watson's custom acoustic guitar. Now the country star is asking folks to be on the lookout for the unique instrument.

According to a Facebook post, Watson thinks somebody made off with the guitar straight out of the bus in New Mexico or on the way back to Dallas. Either way, it sucks.

But the good news is, with the word out, the thieves don't have a lot of options for selling it. The distinct guitar features three crosses on the body. It also has Watson's logo and custom bible verses. While they probably don't say anything about not stealing from people, we hope that should make the thieves feel extra guilty regardless.

Watson says they have something really special for whoever helps locate the guitar.

Watson also keeps a really good attitude about the whole ordeal. "In the grande scheme of things it is just a "thing" and it will be ok," Watson says. "Have a blessed day and love love love those around you!"

That's a pretty fantastic attitude after somebody steals something so personal and close to you. Of course, it helps the country singer can certainly afford new instruments. He recently released his very successful Vaquero album and is currently on tour supporting it.

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But this type of dirty thievery happens pretty often. And a lot of times, thieves steal from people who can't afford to replace the instrument. Because what people don't realize is musicians need those instruments to work. They already have a hard enough time making ends meet without a jerk stealing their livelihood.

After a rash of trailer heists in Texas, vendors and fans grew vigilant in verifying where gear comes from.

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