Texas Country Artist Zane Williams Recovers His Stolen Van, Trailer From Thieves

Texas country artist Zane Williams took matters into his own hands when his band's touring van, trailer and instruments were stolen.

According to ABC13, Williams and his band were on their way to a gig in Galveston when they stopped to eat dinner. When they finished their meal, they walked outside to find both their van and trailer missing. Inside the trailer was $100,000 worth of musical equipment.

Williams then remembered the Dewalt GPS tracking device he had installed in the trailer just a few months before. He was able to track the trailer's location from his phone, and saw that the thieves were driving their van towards Houston.

Without a ride or way to catch them, Williams decided to make a post on his Facebook page asking for help.

Samantha Lindaman quickly saw the post and lived just fifteen minutes away from where Williams and his band were stranded. The fan decided to pick up Williams and they went on a chase to try and catch up with the bad guys. "I just tried to keep quiet. I did not want to stress him out any more," Lindaman said. "He was super calm for the situation he was in." About an hour later, police recovered the trailer and almost all of the band's equipment, except for a 100-year-old fiddle.

Jose Ruiz, Roberto Trejo and Juan Gonzalez were later arrested for stealing the van and trailer, and have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. As a reward, Samantha Lindaman now has free passes to any Zane Williams concert she wants for the rest of her life.

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Texas Country Artist Zane Williams Recovers His Stolen Van, Trailer From Thieves