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Aaron Watson Recaps 18-Year 'Underdog' Career in Viral Video

Aaron Watson recently shared a Facebook video recapping his career, and it really took off. The Texas country music star filmed the clip in honor of his new release, Vaquero (cowboy or cowherd). Now, that video has nearly 6 million views.

Featuring music clips from his latest project, the nearly five-minute film shows Watson sharing his story via clips of paper and CDs. He chose to start in 1999, when he "dreamed of being a country singer just like George Strait."

The next dozen or so pieces of paper follow Watson's life, both musically and personally. He talks about his Texas roots and of living in a closed down gas station and of marrying his wife Kimberly.

Watson also shares how each record starts to do better and better. And how with each release, he tours more and more places. But he also includes the industry heartbreak of major labels telling him he's just a regional act.

Along with these musical milestones, he shares his personal decision to talk more about his faith at performances. And, sadly, the year he lost his girl Julia Grace. Watch the entire inspirational story below.

Watson just released his new album Vaquero, his 13th studio album since 1999. Obviously, that's a pretty incredible amount of work. But it just goes to show that Watson built his career this hard way: recording and touring.

Now, Watson plays nearly every state in the U.S., plus plenty of countries overseas. While he used to sing about the big executives never giving him a shot, Watson now seems to have a great handle on his own career.

There's no doubt he could find a label deal somewhere if he wanted one. But it's pretty obvious from this video that, at this point, he doesn't care about signing with anyone.

Over his 18-year career, Watson has grown to embody much of the independent scene from Texas and beyond. Here's to 18 more!

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