14 Recipes Inspired By 90-Day Fiancé Couples

Do you have a problem with the wildly popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé? Do you talk about 90 Day Fiance couples like you know them personally? Do you recoil in horror at Big Ed's latest dating gaffe or Colt and his roommate/mother Debbie? Well now your favorite 90 Day Fiancé couples have parlayed their celeb status into a 90 Day Fiancé new cooking show! Get ready for 90 Day: Foody Call, the newest spinoff of the 90 Day universe. It premieres May 29th on Discovery+, the parent company of TLC. Happily ever after might depend on how great your cooking skills are, so let's see what these social media stars can do.

Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky were the first to capitalize on Annie's Thai cooking skills and David's eating skills with their own 90 Day Fiancé cooking show on the 90 Day Youtube channel. David fell in love with Annie after seeing her sing at a karoke bar in Thailand. 90 Day Fiancé fans have fallen in love with her too. David & Annie are the voices of reason on Pillow Talk, the ideal spinoff where past 90 Day Fiancé stars mock the current cast in their quests to make sure their k-1 visas don't go to waste. Brilliant.

If the only reality TV you watch is KUWTK (that's cool lingo for Keeping Up With The Kardashians), then let me explain 90 Day Fiancé in a nutshell. Someone is American. They are love with someone else from another country. They all are obsessed with the K-1 fiancé visa which gives the non-American half of the couple 90 days in the US to marry the American. Get it? There are variations on the theme but basically, it's 90 days of drama and madness and then a wedding. Or not. The other way around happens just as often as marriage in this tell-all drama. Sometimes you see couples who have made it posting stories about their first child or other major milestones, but sometimes the gap between someone from Kentucky and somewhere like the Dominican Republic is just too large to cross.

So until the actual 90 Day Fiancé cooking show begins streaming on Discovery+ later this month, here's a list of my favorite 90 Day Fiance couples and what I picture them cooking together.

14 Recipes Inspired By 90 Day Fiancé Couples

1. Hummus & Nuts With Alexei and Loren


Alex still enjoys the Mediterranean diet, being originally from Israel. This adorable couple is always eating hummus and a bowl nuts while saying everything we're all thinking on Pillow Talk. Here's an easy lemon garlic hummus recipe so you can laugh right along with this 90 Day success story. Great as a side to a noon lunch, you'll feel like you're sitting right next to them.

2. Gather Round The Braai with Tania and Syngin

Tania and Syngin got into some heavy duty arguing over a visit to Syngin's homeland of South Africa. While they awkwardly argued in front of Syngin's family about having kids and living a boring suburban life, viewers got to learn about the braai. Here are some authentic braai recipes to try.

A braai is South African barbecue that traditionally lasts for hours with lots of etiquette and rules. It's all about the fire and what wood is used to give the grilled meats a distinct South African flavor. The most important part of a braai is the fire. Tania just had to hobble away, twisted ankle boot and all, from this fiery discussion during this episode.

3. Big Ed Likes Red Wine

Oh, Big Ed. Where do we begin? Big Ed loves his women young and his wine glass full. But he seems to have more luck with the wine than the women. I personally can't stop watching Big Ed and neither should you. Big Ed's favorite red wine is Malbec and he loves to show off his aerating skills. Here's a Honey And Red Wine Chicken recipe involving red wine, of course!

4. Surf and Turf with Michael and Natalie

Mike Youngquist enjoys his Washington State meat and potatoes. Ukrainian native Natalie Mordovtseva "(w)ants Michael eat more the fish and vegetables to be more healthy." I think couples around the world can relate to this struggle.

Mike and Natalie are an odd match. She is beautiful but tough on good 'ole Mike. Mike agrees to reduce his red meat consumption for Natalie, but all I can think about is a big juicy hamburger when I watch these two fight. Here's a steak and shrimp surf and turf recipe to please them both.

5. Sumit and Jenny and Chicken Tikka Masala

Jenny must really be in love with Sumit because that poor woman takes it from Sumit's disapproving parents like a champ. We've learned a lot about marriage, divorce laws, and customs in India from this persevering couple. Love knows no age difference, right? I'm totally rooting for them. And I'm also pretty jealous of all the amazing Indian food Jenny gets to eat everyday. I'd make this Chicken Tikka Masala recipe for Sumit and Jenny if we ever get to hang out.

6. Michael and Angela's Pizza Rolls

When Georgia native Angela met Nigerian Michael's mother for the first time, she ordered pizza. In Nigeria. I didn't even know they had pizza in Nigeria. I googled it while watching and was surprised at all the pizzerias. So Mama Michael loved it and Angela avoided cooking once again. Angela was horrified by the local foods in the Lagos market they visited, so maybe pizza was the best option. Here's a mini pizza rolls recipe to make for your mother-in-law.

7. Colt's Brazilian Desserts

Oh Colt. And his mom, Debbie. Oh you guys are my favorite train wreck. Colt with his glasses always sliding down his nose. His smarmy grin and floppy hair. And there's cackling Debbie. Devoted enabling Mother Debbie. Lover of cats and Colt. Debbie, you need your own show.

And there were so many Brazilian girls. Larissa, Jess, and Vanessa. Colt especially loves all the Brazilian girls. So here's a list of 11 Brazilian dessert recipes that Colt would enjoy. There's 11 because Colt has most likely already sent inappropriate texts to 11 strange girls while you read this article.

8. Andrei and Elizabeth Moldovan Borscht

Elizabeth's family was not impressed with Moldovan "peasant food" as they called it. Andrei's mother worked hard on a beautiful lunch spread for her new American in-laws and most of it was unidentifiable to the Florida family. There seems to be lots of gelatin involved in Eastern European food and I'm intrigued. Elizabeth's family was not. Here's a Moldovan borscht recipe to try, even if you're not with your favorite 90 Day Fiance couple.

9. Kenny and Armando's Fish Tacos

I think it's safe to say that Kenny and Armando are everyone's favorite couple. Armando is widowed with a young daughter, and Kenny left his family in Florida to be with Armando in Mexico. They've faced cultural disapproval and legal challenges of their same sex marriage. Kenny has had to learn Spanish quickly to make the most out of all the delicious Mexican street food he has access to now. They've found true love with each other and Kenny has found authentic tacos. They are two lucky guys. Here's a recipe for fish tacos with a garlic lime crema sauce that you will love almost as much as Kenny and Armando.

10. Brandon and Julia Russian Hand Pies

Brandon is very comfortable living with his vocal parents on their Virginia farm. Julia left her life as a go-go dancer (a classy one in a classy club) in Russia to come live in a separate room from her boyish boyfriend and work on the farm while Brandon spends his days as an exterminator. Sexy. But I really like Julia. She speaks up and she and Brandon have a very funny sense of humor between them, even in her adorable broken English. These two are going to be good together. Let's toast to Russian relations with this recipe for Russian Piroshki (Meat Hand Pies).

11. Stephanie, Harris, and The Coconut Tree

Stephanie didn't start her romance with Harris. It actually started with his cousin, Ryan, but life happens. Stephanie is living it up in Belize while thinking about bringing Harris back to the US. We watched Harris climb a coconut tree for her and listened to them chat about their devotion to each other while they drank from said coconut. That impressed Stephanie. Coconut fetching might be the true measure of a man. Here's a coconut tart recipe. No tree climbing required.

12. Andrew and Amira's French Fried Love

Andrew and Amira have really gone down in flames. I guess when you have your girlfriend fly to Mexico and Serbia in two attempts to get into the country during the pandemic, it might put some strain on a relationship. Oh and there were those 3 days she spent in a Mexican jail while you hung out at the resort. Good luck, Amira. It's been nice getting to know you and your accent. Here's a French fry recipe (that can be baked or fried) to honor Amira with. Brown gravy goes great with fries. And heartbreak. I'm kind of glad my life is simpler than this 90 Day Fiance couple.

13. Rebecca and Zied Tunisian Breakfast Soup

Rebecca is a tattooed, redheaded curvy girl who is not giving up on love. Zied is here in the US in Rebecca's cool, exposed brick-walled loft and he really can't do much other than wait for Rebecca to come home from work everyday. So, he plays video games. He eats. He tousles his poofy hair. And then that really young and pretty girl offered to "help Zied move some stuff in a truck" and Rebecca's jealousy was unleashed.

Zied has perpetual bedhead so perhaps a breakfast recipe would be apropos. Let's make this Tunisian breakfast soup recipe to root for Rebecca and Zied.

14. Kalani and Asuelu Samoan Half Moon Pies

Asuelu is from Samoa. Kalani is from Utah with a Samoan father. Asuelu's family back in Samoa have some strong opinions and have expressed them to Kalani. There are threats of "beating people up" and shouts of "gimme my money" while Asuelu plays video games and gives out yogurt samples as part of his job. Here's a traditional recipe for Samoan half moon pies.  Eat them while being happy that you're not married to Asuelu.

If you like 90 Day Fiancé, don't forget to check out The Family Chantel and 90 Day: Foody Call. We love these spinoffs of 90 Day Fiancé, and we hope to see more to come! Who's your favorite 90 Day Fiance Couple?

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