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10 Taylor Swift Songs You Need in Your Super Bowl Playlist

Get ready for Swift Bowl.

Taylor Swift is in the middle of a busy touring schedule, but she'll make a quick trip to Las Vegas in between shows to cheer on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as he and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.

Though she'll be on the sidelines, Swift will be a main attraction for many of the 200.5 million U.S. viewers who are expected to tune in for the Big Game. Her relationship with Kelce has been a storybook love affair this season. The shots of her, in between plays, cheering for Kelce from a box seat alongside Travis' mom, Donna, have brought a whole new demographic to the NFL. According to Quartz, her presence has increased the Chiefs' and the league's brand value by an estimated $331.5 million. And her embrace of Kelce on the field after the Chiefs' AFC Championship Game win made all of our clichéd "queen-football star romance" dreams come true.

So as you craft your playlist for the Super Bowl party this year, it only makes sense to include a good number of Taylor Swift songs — and there are plenty to choose from. As X (formerly Twitter) user and Swift fan account @BetttysCardigan points out in a viral thread, the parallels between Swift's songs and her romance with Kelce are so numerous that it's as if she "manifested" the relationship.

Scroll through for all of the Taylor Swift songs you need to include in your Super Bowl playlist this year.

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