Zach Bryan Details New Album 'The Great American Bar Scene’
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Zach Bryan Fires Back At Haters Who May Not Like His New Album 'The Great American Bar Scene’

Zach Bryan finally blesses all of us with his new album The Great American Bar Scene. Lucky fans were able to capture the magic of the album in its proper setting in bars across the country. Now, we all get a crack at the album. However, he does want to make a few things clear in the process.

Recently, Zach posts on Instagram a preface for the new album ahead of its release on the 4th of July. In it, fans get to peer into Bryan's mind and intentions behind the record's creation.

Zach Bryan Prefaces Listeners With What to Expect on the New Album

Zach gives some light and context to some of the records on The Great American Bar Scene. "The making of this album tested me and everyone close to me. It drove me to my ends and my beginnings," he emphasizes.

After, he recalls lights in Paris he swears he would see eventually. Bryan rides the coast of Australia with his ol' lady, spending time in pubs in Ireland and singing Bruce Springsteen in Bostonian bars alike. Zach even emphasizes the bad times, hours in handcuffs and bad crashes in Tennessee leaving him bloody. It's these moments that inform the making of The Great American Bar Scene.

These roller coaster rides reflect well in the album. Zach impressively relays the highs and lows in a very writerly way. Moreover, he never skimps on the immersive details that gives himself and his folklore plenty of character.

Additionally, his personal touch blooms all over the album. Consequently, he produces and writes every song himself alongside a select few friends and collaborators. Frankly, he unabashedly embraces his own flourishes. If you aren't feeling his records, that's a you problem. "I wrote and produced all of these with the help of some truly great friends. I finally felt like I's making music again," he writes in the preface. "If you don't like it, I assume it's not intended for you. Grab your beers through tears & fears, The Great American Bar Scene."