Who Is The Internet Famous Nashville 'Hawk Tuah' Woman Identity Revealed
Photo By YouTube/Tim and Dee TV

Zach Bryan Brings 'Hawk Tuah' Girl On Stage at Concert

The 'Hawk Tuah' craze reaches new heights. Recently, Country superstar Zach Bryan invites Hailey Welch onto the stage. She plays a minor part in the show's closer where Zach sends the crowd home on the barn burner 'Revival.'

At this rate, she seems to be doing good. Her highly suggestive viral video brings a lot of aggressive and perverted fans. Consequently, she capitalizes on this by selling plenty of 'Hawk Tuah' merchandise for the people to buy. She makes $65,000 and counting off of her various hats and shirts.

I'm not sure how much longer Hailey has before momentum fully fizzles out. Then her next move seems a lot less certain. Too famous and recognizable to go back to regularly scheduled programming. Not famous or interesting enough to live off her anointed catchphrase forever.

Fans Feel Uneasy Over The Zach Bryan, 'Hawk Tuah' Crossover

It seems like the 'Hawk Tuah' sensation is wearing thin and it's happening fast. Her viral video guarantees 15 minutes and the clock runs by fast. What fans might have found funny for a few moments now exhausts people and it reflects in these comments. One user sighs, "We make the wrong people famous."

Similarly, another user laments the extent of which the 'Hawk Tuah' trend travels on the internet and in real life. "This been dragged out for too long," they shrug.

Conversely, some replies play out much kinder to Hailey Welch, not nearly as calloused and frustrated. Thankfully, they don't foolishly view her viral craze as something largely indicative of the country or anything like that. Then, those people blow it all out of proportion. One person comments, "Why're y'all so mad. sure she's had an amazing past couple of weeks, just be happy for people."

Lastly, one person finds the absurdity of it all. How could this of all things cause this much reaction? Moreover, how in the world does the 'Hawk Tuah' phrase warrant a concert spotlight? "I must be in the Twilight Zone, this can't be real," they joke.