You May Have Missed It, But CMT Awards Just Nominated a Dog
Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for CMT

You May Have Missed It, But CMT Awards Just Nominated a Dog

You may have missed thanks to all of the high-profile nominations earlier this week like Jelly Roll, Zach Bryan, and Lainey Wilson. But, the Country Music Television just nominated a dog for the CMT Awards.

No, the CMT Awards aren't opening up a new pets category. It turns out it was actually a mistake. Speaking with Whiskey Riff, Cody Villalobos, the manager for Justin Moore, revealed CMT accidentally nominated his dog Pancho. Pancho was included on the nomination for Justin Moore and Priscilla Block's music video "You, Me, and Whiskey. That video is up for Collaborative Video of the Year, and the nomination lists Pancho as an assistant editor.

"As any production team knows, music video creation takes a lot of time and effort to pull off. The long hours after production can sometimes be just as exhausting as the shoot itself, if not more. The various steps of editing, coloring, approvals, revisions, opinions flying, can become stressful by the end of it all," Villalobos explained.

He continued, "So what better stress relief exists than a 4 month old puppy? From potty breaks (or accidents), to walks outside, to very intense frisbee chasing, Pancho created the perfect balance between manic computer sessions and a necessary breath of fresh air."

Pancho Becomes CMT First Dog Nomination

Villalobos listed Pancho on the credits in the video because he thought it was funny. He didn't expect for his dog to catch be included in a nomination.

"I thought, what better way to thank Pancho for keeping my sanity, and add a little humor to the end of a stressful project, than to include him in the credits. Surely someone would catch my DOG being credited as an editor, and make me revise the slate...." Villalobos explained. However, no one caught the slip-in, and now, Pancho joins the ranks of Lassie and Air Bud as dogs shooting their shot for greatness.

Villalobos hilariously offered Pancho's thoughts on the nomination, "The fwisbee throws could've been better. But if I hadn't made a few accidents inside, dad would've never left his desk.. Video could've been better, could've used some more dog-versity in my opinion. Specifically a brown Portuguese Water Dog, would've really made the video pop!"

Villalobos or should we say Pancho continued, "I can't complain though, first edit and got my first nom. Maybe he should've had me edit his other videos, would've got him a nom a lot sooner. Your welcome dad."

In honor of the nomination, Villalobos also created Pancho his very own Instagram page where viewers can follow his exploits. Who knows, he may even start wearing striped sweaters like Reese Witherspoon's dogs.