Chevy Colorado
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This Chevy Colorado Prerunner is One of the Coolest Customs We've Ever Seen

There are plenty of awesomely over-the-top pickups out there, but this custom-built Chevy Colorado might just take the cake.

According to Digital Trends, the creative experts from The Roadster Shop transformed this stock 2015 Colorado into an off-roading beast. Nicknamed the "ColoRADo," this one-of-a-kind truck has a custom frame that gives it a unique look. It was created as a prerunner, which is a vehicle used to explore and scout  terrain for off-road race courses.

The addition of Fox Racing coilovers make it easy to bounce over the most extreme terrain. Plus, the interior features racing seats and a customized control panel that's nicer than many luxury vehicles. And the roll cage ensures your safety if things get a little out of hand.

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Now, this isn't a truck meant to run up and down the freeway. But it's one of those vehicles I think we'd all love to take up a rocky hill or mountain. If you're looking for something a little more universal, you might want to scope out the new pickups from Jeep or Mercedes-Benz.

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